Chapters 8,9,10, and 11

Chapters 8,9,10, and 11
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Hello aspiring Gophers, it has been some time since I've updated this project.

My apologies as I've gone through several major life changes, the largest of which involved moving my young family to NYC, an ongoing process that has taken much of my energy.

The good news is the project is complete from the code side, the bad news is that it isn't from the writing side, and rather than keep you waiting, I'm going to share the code with you!

So, for those of you who've made it this far Chapter 8– a Congratulations is in order "Well, done! You've made it farther than 80% of readers".

To support you and the rest of your journey, I'm providing the remainder of the code and links to the projects so that you can have a look, run the code, and have it for reference in your budding career as a GoLang enthusiast.

Chapter 8 - File Wrangling

Chapter 9 - Excelling with GO

This is probably the most useful code for those in Corporate.

Chapter 10 - PDF Hero

Chapter 11 - Web Scraping

It is important to know that it is possible to programmatically surf the web and download data. The first code pieces show doing it using only HTTP request methods, and 'automating a browser' shows how to do so as if you were opening a browser on your computer and visiting the site. You'll need to do such things from time to time when Websites make it challenging to scrape data.

Wow! You've made it through all that code? Congratulations, again!

You may be thinking 'Now what'. I'd recommend trying to use a little bit of what you learned at work to automate things. You may be thinking 'How will I know what or when to automate' Well a wise dev mentor once told me "If you're doing it more than 3 times a week, then maybe that's something worth automating", does anything come to mind? If so then have a look through the book for some code inspiration or even for the most likely terms to Google.

Again, it has been a pleasure to support you on your journey so far, please do ask questions.


If you want to get some opensource creds then maybe take a crack at writing for some of the remaining chapters, and making a Pull request on the GitHub repository.

It can be a way to get some dev cred for your resume if you're thinking about going into the field of programming or tech in general.