Introducing the

Introducing the logo

Hi, everyone today I'm introducing krabber a satirical Twitter clone built with GoLang (GO), AWS DynamoDB, HTMX, and Single Table Design.

I'm sharing with you today so that you can see what Go can do once you've got the basics down (finished the book), and the code is completely open source, so use it for inspiration if you're interested in building web apps.

The premise of Krabber is that Mr.Krabs has learned of web apps and how lucrative they can be, and so with the support of a grant (f-r-e-e monies) from the Bikini Bottom Modernization effort, has decided to make Krusty Krab IT, to diversify the business holdings of the Krusty Krab.

So, enjoy, and hope you have a good laugh out of it.

Please keep in mind that Krabber is not fully complete, but the majority of the core functionality exists;

  • Sign up/out
  • Follow/unfollow
  • Molt
  • threads
  • Like
  • Remolt
  • Front page (latest molts in last 24hrs)
  • Trench (molts from the crabs you follow)

what mostly remains to be done is cosmetic UI changes (not my strength)...

If you'd like to see the code yourself then check; Krusty-Krab-IT/krabber-net and get some Golang web app inspiration.

The project is open-source and free for anyone to tinker with so go ahead and fork it and modify it as desired.